Mar 1, 2021 | Health


Next Biosciences , a leading South African biotech company has partnered with Viome, named the leading microbiome company of the year by Frost & Sullivan, to distribute its Gut Intelligence® Test in South Africa.

Viome’s Gut Intelligence® Test analyses an individual’s microbiome and helps determine which foods a person should eat more of and which ones they should be minimising and avoiding based on their individual needs. Personalised supplement recommendations are included.

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Exploration of the microbiome over the past few decades has led to medical findings as promising and exciting as the discovery of DNA. The term “gut microbiome” refers to the trillions of microbes, primarily bacteria, that thrive in the human digestive tract.

Through intense investigations, the “basics” of the microbiome have been identified and are foundational to pinpoint what an individual can do to improve their gut microbiome health, and by extension, their overall health.

A person’s microbiome is the entire collection of microbes living in and on the body. The microbiome forms a living layer over your skin and parts of the inside of your body, including the lungs and the digestive tract, from the mouth all the way down to the colon.

When the microbes in your gut are out of balance, your body cannot absorb nutrients the way it should. The result of this is inflammation, the root of almost every chronic disease.

Microbiome and immunity

The gut microbiome has a strong, if not the strongest, influence on an individuals’ immunity. This has been recognised through the direct chemical signals sent through the gut-brain axis to the immune system.

Subsequently, maintaining a healthy gut microbiome holds the potential to manage many chronic illnesses (including obesity; type 2 diabetes; heart disease; hypertension; PCOS and more).

Additionally, recent connections have been made between autoimmune disorders and a person’s immune response to attacking pathogens (a pressing issue during the COVID-19 pandemic). It is clear that now, more than ever, our immunity is of utmost importance.

Tailoring a personalised diet

Diet is considered the most powerful factor in changing the gut microbiome, as bacterial species thrive on the food we feed them. This also means that a healthy gut microbiome is sustainable using an individualised diet alone.
The gut microbiome can produce beneficial molecules (vitamins and short chain fatty acids), as well as harmful molecules (e.g., lipopolysaccharides and putrescine). The production of such molecules is determined by the dietary ingredients found in our food. More specifically, micronutrients are the raw materials that action all microbiome functions.
As every gut microbiome is unique, the same food given to different people can stimulate the production of completely different beneficial/harmful molecules. This makes it incredibly important to understand your unique gut and how it will react to the food that you feed it.

The Gut Intelligence® Test for personalised diets

Testing is critical to analyse the state of your unique gut microbiome. By performing functional (gene expression) tests via stool samples, a person can identify and then feed their microbiome exactly what it needs to produce many beneficial molecules.
Furthermore, the holistic regime and lifestyle of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome is believed to reduce inflammation and stress (both considered a root cause of chronic illness).

Gut Intelligence® Test available from Next Biosciences

Next Biosciences, a leading South African biotech company has partnered with Viome, named the leading microbiome company, to distribute its Gut Intelligence® Test in South Africa. This test analyses an individual’s microbiome and helps individuals improve overall health through personalised nutrition based on individual biology, combining advanced technology with an intelligent therapeutics platform to analyse gene expression in the gut.
Viome’s platform transforms these powerful insights into practical and personalised nutritional recommendations, which are all easily accessible on the Viome app or online portal.
Next Biosciences hopes to empower patients and practitioners to make informed medical and health decisions that are tailored towards proactive, lifestyle-based healthcare solutions.