Young stretch marks are easier to treat than older ones

The stretchmarks that are less than a year old are the young ones.

Dehydrated skin is more likely to show stretchmarks

When your skin is stressed, it pulls apart and stretchmarks form.

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3 Interesting Facts About Stretchmarks

What causes stretch marks?

Your skin has three layers – these being the hypodermis (deepest layer), the dermis (the middle layer) and the epidermis (outer layer). Stretch marks are formed in the middle layer – the dermis. As your body grows naturally, the connective fibres in the dermis slowly stretch. However when there is rapid growth, these fibres can be stretched beyond their elastic limit and may become damaged or even break. As I said before, these are basically scars formed from the inside out, which is why they can be difficult to treat.

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What is my hair porosity and what does it mean?

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Porosity refers to how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. It is affected by the flexible outer hair layer called the cuticle, which determines how easily moisture and oils pass in and out of your hair. For most, porosity is genetic, but it can also be affected by external factors such as heat treatments and chemical processing. Knowing your hair’s porosity can help you choose the right products to keep your hair well-moisturized, strong and shiny.

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5 Things You Need to Know When Starting a New Skin Care Regimen

To guide you through your new skin care journey, gathered some research and compiled a list of best tips on what to expect when trying out a new daily skin care routine.

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1. There’s a difference between normal skin reaction and allergic reaction.

2. Give your skin time to ease into your new regimen.

3. Most active ingredients take at least 2 months to show results.

4. In some cases, tingling doesn’t mean it’s working.

5. Know when to call it quits.

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